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Blog 1st April 2015

1 Apr 2015 2:09 AM - Exciting Recycling

We are super excited about the entries to come in this years 2015 Flotsam and Jetsam Art Exhibition Competition.  I was looking through some of the previous entries from over the years and this one caught my eye.  Its called ‘Sloepie by Artist ‘Michelle Goodlet’. As well as being an amazing piece of art the words she used to explain her inspiration were amazing, it’s educational, full of feeling and passion.  Have a read and you will see what I mean.  

Title: Sloepie

Artist’s Statement: 

 “Sloepie” represents the courage, endurance and skill of the men who sailed aboard the Dutch vessel “Zeewyk” and their preservation and deliverance made possible on the Frederick Houtman Ambrollossen Islands at the time. During a first evening watch in June 1727, the Zeewyk became wrecked on a reef later named “Half Moon Reef” by Jan Steyns (Captain of vessel).  The crew who survived the wreck were sustained for nine months by the islands, the wildlife, flotsam and jetsam.  In that time, a vessel was built from salvaged materials and mangrove wood, named Sloepie (the Little Sloop) and then sailed for a month to the men’s salvation in the Straits of Sundra.  Sloepie was considered to be the first ocean going vessel built in Australia.  This art piece is also a tribute to the many souls lost, most notably the two youngest boys each left to perish on isolated islands after a trial by their marooned peers.  I love the process of cleaning up an environment, the challenge of creating artworks born only from the waste and seeking to interpret that environment in some way.”


Did you know that 95% of the Flotsam and Jetsam that we collected from the Abrolhos Islands for Clean Up Australia day gets collected by the general public in Geraldton and then recreated in to artwork.

  1. What this means to the environment? That only a minimal amount will go to landfill.
  2. What this means to our ocean? Turtles, seals, dolphins and more animals will have less interaction with plastics, ropes, bottles floating in the environment which can cause life threatening situations.  
  3. What this means for artists both professional and novice? The opportunity for town folk to select goods that have washed up which include driftwood, bottles, plastics all tarnished and worn, what a great medium for them to use.  Each year I am amazed at the creativity.
  4. What this means for art collectors? That beautiful, interesting artwork will be created for you to view at the gallery.
  5. What this means for your children? Your children will be able to see the great benefits of recycling, also they grasp the understanding of the negative effects of throwing out rubbish both on land and sea.

We look forward to you visiting the exhibition which is open to the public from the 17 April to the 16 May 2015 


Pia Boschetti

‘the girl who grows the pearls’

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