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Flotsam and Jetsam 2015

22 Apr 2015 10:36 AM -

As you probably know by now each year we go to the Abrolhos Islands collect a heap of rubbish that has washed ashore and bring it back to town and local artists turn it into artwork.  This is small portion of what we collected.
the next day on the wharf we displayed the Flotsam and Jetsam we collected and the locals came down and took it all away in preparation for the exhibition competition. We held an exhibition with the artwork produced.">

Wow what a great opening night.  We opened Flotsam and Jetsam art exhibition on Friday 17th, it was limited due to how many entries we had and we had to ensure all artists and their friends could attend, we had over 250 people through the gallery that night. Click here to view Flotsam and Jetsam artwork for sale

The level of artwork again has amazed me, each year, a new style comes through, I ask myself, does flotsam and jetsam have a fashion trend, I remember the first year was using lots of ropes and weaving, the next was the wood work and polymer clay, the following was an increase in woodwork and this year, lots of rope weaving as well as woodwork featuring explosions of colour, and I was super excited about what people made of the old cray floats.

 The winning piece was called ‘Angler Fish’ made by Tim Carrier as soon as I saw this piece I felt something instantly, goose pimples straight up…. I think why it meant so much to me was, I remember picking those old floats up thinking gosh this is definitely going to landfill there is no way artists are going to be able to turn these into something good.  And guess what they did, the angler fish is a skeleton version.  Tim has carved each bone from the floats, he mentioned to me about how hard it was to carve it smooth as it’s made up of small balls of polystyrene. For e.g. the teeth are about 4-5cm long and only 2mm thick as you could imagine surely this tested his patience. 

When I look at Jayne Rolinson’s piece she made a ship out of flotsam and jetsam and was the winner of the Artist’s view category.  The base is made from a piece of wood that we often find washed at the Abrolhos, I wonder what they are used for as I walk around my island home I see how the fishermen have used them too, they make great mounts for water tanks as they have that curve in them, I wonder where do they keep coming from or have they been sitting on the island for over 100 years?  Jaynes use of the chain for rigging and wood for a sail is a creative thought…. Did she have this vision when she was selecting her materials from down the wharf that day?  Then to complete the scene she added some LED lights behind it which truly set of the whole piece, you can imagine it mounted on top of a fire place.

Sherree Davidson who won the gallery choice award was another special piece. A scenic picture of Abrolhos Island camps and jetty made from woven rope, rusty nails, plastics and an old pearl panel.  Seeing Sherree down the wharf when she was selecting her goodies she explained to me her vision.  I could easily understand her concept but when she delivered her final product I couldn’t believe how well she put it all together, the colours of the rope weaved realistically reflects the colours of the ocean through the islands, the plastics shapes reflect a true take of the bright camps that fishermen have painted, and the rusty nails as parts of the jetty, to coils of ropes sitting on the jetty. The detail was amazing.   I was disappointed as Sherree told me that her piece was NOT for sale….

Now the junior winner… I wonder if we inherit our artistic ability from our parents, because Geraldton does have a lot of great artists and what I’m seeing is their children are really embracing the art scene and thriving too.  Brodie Rock made a miniature replica of an island shack, details such as the washing hanging on the line, the spear gun placed on the deck, the jetty which has tyres and fenders on, tie up ropes and even a couple of cray pots sitting on there.

All in all I’m very proud of how Geraldtonians embrace this event, as it couldn’t happen without the locals, the volunteers who collect and the people who turned all the rubbish into artwork for display.  Recently I have seen many of the old school fishermen pop in the gallery to view this collection. Click here to view Flotsam and Jetsam artwork for sale.

Click here to see full collection on Facebook

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