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Going Global with the Abrolhos Island Pearls

26 May 2015 9:29 PM - Taiwan Superstar Gui Gui Wu visits Latitude Gallery

Recently we had Gui Gui Wu  (Emma) a superstar from Taiwan visit Latitude Gallery in Geraldton to view the pearls we grow at the Abrolhos Islands.  Her team were making a documentary of her trip to some great places in Western Australia.  Emma’s host was Wendy Mann and Jacinta Ping from Geraldton Air Charter who conduct daily tours to Monkey Mia, Pink Lake at Port Gregory and the amazing Abrolhos Islands.

Emma came to the gallery after visiting the Abrolhos Islands and I had brought some pearl shells in so she could understand how pearls are grown and she got to harvest a pearl, drill it and put it on a pendant of her choice.

View Documentary

She had a lot of fun, actually we all did, the short documentary was quite entertaining. She thought our jeweller Doug was a 'handsome' boy and said so as Doug quite shyly blushed.

Doug showed Emma around the jewellery workshop and  how to drill and glue the pearl.  It was a fun experience for all. This was the pendant Emma made.

For full details on pendant click here.

I was so proud that the documentary was being aired on China TV with a huge following what great exposure for the Western Australian tourism industry. We have so many beautiful places to visit that aren't crowded and easy to get to, I look forward to seeing future growth in tourism for Australia.  We have such a beautiful country and I am glad that the pearl is considered such a treasured gift to collect from your travels throughout Australia.

 Regards Pia Boschetti

 'the girl who grows the pearl'

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