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Pearl Harvest Trip

1 May 2015 1:38 PM - its been a great 10 days!

Pretty excited to be back at the islands, it was a bit drizzly over Easter and finally the weather we wished for is here, big blue sky, under 10 knot winds and temperatures in high 20’s enjoying this as I steam my boat to the farm which is 7 miles from where the island we call home is - well for the next 10 days anyway.   

We went cleaning on the pearl farm … haven’t done it for a while, now we are at a stage where I let the crew clean the farm,  it’s great coz it’s pretty dirty work. But this time I really enjoyed it.  I look out and see a clear sky,  light waves crashing behind the Half Moon Reef – which is protecting us from the large ocean swells,  then in the front smooth blue/green water… you know the colour which makes us all think tropical waters and white sand beaches, the visibility is so clear I can see fish swimming on the sea floor, probably snapper and kingfish.  2 dolphins swim past, both look quite young, (less than a metre long). These surroundings give me time to clear my head, I look at this view and I go to a place of day dream.  I’m not sure what it is but I start thinking of the great memories I have of the time I've spent at the Abrolhos Islands,  new places to visit, new exhibitions to run, places to take the gallery,  I think about what little island I may explore next.   

The shell I am cleaning aren’t too dirty , as they were cleaned about 1 month ago, we are cleaning these to bring in as it is harvest time, so this is quite an exciting time, wondering what the pearls will look like. Who knows I’m hoping for over 10mm pearls with exciting shapes and colours,  I love that each pearl is unique and to be appreciated,  but I am wishing the most for a beautiful lustre on them.  People often ask me what is lustre, and this is the shine and reflection on the pearl -  I always like to be able to see my reflection in the pearl.

Amy has come back to work with us for harvest time, she works in real estate now and has taken 2 weeks holiday to see the results from  2 years ago when she ran the seeding shed, and Amy wanted to see what pearls she helped create.  I took her cleaning on the first day too – just a reminder of how some parts of the job are ok, and some better.  We also had a discussion on about what you think about whilst cleaning, she thinks like I do ….. just about life in general. Kind of like remembering what your dream are and things you dream to do. 

I have two technicians that work on our farm, Kazue and Masaru both are great technicians.  Kazue has been working on my farm since the beginning so back in 2000 was our first seed.  Over this time the black lip pearl industry in Geraldton has really grown, a pearl now is a gift locals give to visitors, I think by now at least one person in each family would have a pearl or would wish to receive one.  When visitors come to town and want to take something local home they are often choosing the pearl grown at the Abrolhos Islands as their keepsake.

1/5/10 we have harvested the pearls and they are beautiful.   So happy with the size and colours jewellers are excited to start creating designs around these unique coloured pearls.

regards Pia Boschetti 'The girl who grows the pearl'

Comments: 3


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Pearl Harvest Trip

1 May 2015,4:27 PM - Peter
Wow what a great story, love the pictures. Not sure I am seeing you do much although you do look the part !!
Based on the pearls shown hope you get lots more of this quality and size.
Love to see more photos of the area, it does look like tropical paradise !!
2 May 2015,7:27 AM - Eileen
I love the unique colour of the pearls!
2 May 2015,11:04 PM - Cheryl Hay-Hendry
Loved the story about the pearl farm Pia,
Cheryl HH