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Western Australia

Latitude Gallery Geraldton
169 Marine Terrace
Geraldton, WA 6530 

Ph (08) 9964 6601

Hours: Mon-Sat 9am to 5pm

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So much has been happening

2 Jul 2015 3:25 AM - So much has been happening
What a month it has been.  Trying to keep our followers up to date is so hard.
So far we ennjoyed a visit from Kevin and Geraldine Sheedy into the Geraldton gallery, what an inspirational man. His genuine interest in what wewas awesome. I explained to him about the pearls and what Latitude Gallery was about.  I also asked Kevin (we are now on first name basis) what was his passion outside football.  He paused in his reply then he said 'Gardening' which did surprise me then Geraldine commented with 'Kevin what about the horses'... his face totally changed and I could see his passion when he discussed his involvement with horse breeding and his involvement with the horse which is the father of the famous 'Black Caviar'.   This was something I did not know about Kevin Sheedy, we continued the conversation back to pearls made a couple of fun videos which of course I posted on instagram view here

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