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Latitude Gallery Geraldton
169 Marine Terrace
Geraldton, WA 6530 

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Well how are you different from every other jewellery store?

26 Oct 2015 10:37 PM - Because we are prepared to take a risk?
When we transformed ourselves from Latitude Pearls to Latitude Gallery we were a bit worried people would just think we sold paintings?

and yes its true it is a little confusing.  But we ARE a gallery.  A gallery of Jewellery Defining Art.

So when people ask us why we are different from many other jewellery stores?

We explain "Because we are prepared to take a risk!  Creating a style of jewellery that excludes others opinions, putting no thought into the commercial viabilities, no boundaries and knowing it might not sell quickly, but I don’t want it too as I want to appreciate it everyday and show people who visit our gallery all of our  ‘jewellery defining art’ ,   embracing our journey of design.

Recently I was so excited to exhibit our 'Dreams Ring' which was designed by our Jeweller Artist Steven Richards I photographed it, used it in our brochure I was hoping to have the ring instore for a few months, but I received a phone call from the manager of our Noosa store 'Pia I sold the 'dreams' ring'  as much as i should of be excited about the sale, i was a little disappointed as that ring has gone and was only on display for one week and now not on display anymore, this is how it is we get attached to beautiful pieces, and i know we can't keep them all'.  The lady who has received this piece has received a piece of jewellery which is 'jewellery defining art'.

We like to make jewellery we can exhibit then these styles inspire our clients and they incorporate ideas from these designs to include into their own unique design.

We make peoples impossible dreams become a reality. 

"It’s like when I made my ring, every other jeweller just wouldn’t touch it, but finally I convinced one to attempt such a design and wow what a great outcome,  thank you Latitude Gallery"  happy customer!

Comments like these keep us feeling proud of what we have achieved over the years.

We are looking forward to continuing and increasing our original collections.

I hope to see you in one of our galleries soon.
Which one is closest to you?
Geraldton or

Kind Regards
Pia Boschetti
'the girl who grows the pearl'

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