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Gabrielle Woodhams

Gabrielle Woodhams is a local artist, in 1999 she decided to go to TAFE to do a 1 year certificate in art and design. This took 6 years and she discovered that that she had a passion and flair for printmaking. She combined her dressmaking and textile knowledge with her newly acquired printmaking skills and came up with the idea of printing clothes.

Now she spends her time scouring second hand shops looking for those delicious old clothes and fabrics that she can turn into wonderful prints.

The method of printmaking that Gabrielle uses, is called collography. Collography is a collage printmaking technique, and the term collograph refers to a collage board where materials are assembled on a flat base to form a block with different surface levels and textures.

This plate is then printed in a similar way to either an etching (intaglio), or a linocut (relief), or a combination of both, onto printmaking paper. Gabrielle uses Hahnemuhle paper, which is made of cellulose fiber, this paper is specially designed to withstand the rigors of the printmaking press. She also uses a technique called Chine Colle. This is a technique whereby an extra layer of paper is glued and printed to the work in one pressing.

All of Gabrielle's prints are hand pulled, limited edition, varied edition, prints.