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Jillian Piper

Jillian Piper is a Western Australian artist who simply delights in the art of creation. Almost by accident and through a life time of painting she has managed to capture the nuance of what it is to be a woman, on canvas and now through a line of wearable art.

Piper draws upon a life rich with experience. Her response to the big questions of love and loss, hurt and hope, family and friends populate her pieces with the feminine response, on a background of colour, texture and design derived from her travels across the world and from her keen observation.

The results of Pipers labours often come as a surprise to her, but what is unmistakable is the often joyful response of the viewer.

The idea of wearable art derived from her love of travel and seeing so much beauty on the walls of museums and art gallery's across the world, and not being able to take it with her. How do you take it with you? If only a taste and idea was born.

Jillian made bangles from the plantation timbers of south east  Asia. The designs are all hand drawn to represent the feminine response, in artist quality, colour fast Indian inks and then protected by an artist wax varnish.