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Western Australia

Latitude Gallery Geraldton
169 Marine Terrace
Geraldton, WA 6530 

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Hours: Mon-Sat 9am to 5pm

Skye Robertson

Skye was born in South Africa. She lived there until the age of 6 and then moved to the coastal town of Geraldton. Skye is constantly inspired by the patterns that surrounded her around her childhood home, from Persian carpets to fine china designs. This rich tapestry is seen through out her works.

Geraldton has been a strong influence to Skye and she has painted various landmarks such as the Geraldton Lighthouse, the Greenough Tree, the salty and dramatic coastlines and the Norfolk pine trees.

Sky's artworks are created using a variety of media. She loves using spray paint and doilies in her work and these have become a particular trademark. She also thoroughly enjoys creating detailed works using pens and inks.

Skye now lives happily, with her gorgeous daughter Starzia, in Margaret River, where she continues her great passion and drawing. She is inspired by the magic of the landscape there and the beautiful trees that surround her. Skye loves being surrounded by nature and this simple and idyllic life has lead to a simplification and maturation in her artwork.

Skye aims to always grow and develop as an artist and capture her life in her paintings providing a snapshot of her thoughts, feelings and ideas of the present.
"I love telling a story and conveying a particular feeling through my artwork and hope that it resonates and touches someone. If it does then I'm thrilled. Not everyone will like every piece that I do but the important thing is that I love creating every single piece. Art is my passion and the hours disappear when I have a brush or pen in my hand. As long as I have that I will always want to be an artist".