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Western Australia

Latitude Gallery Geraldton
169 Marine Terrace
Geraldton, WA 6530 

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Kurt & Heidi Becker

The art of Kurt & Heidi Becker is a whimsical expression of the "joie de vivre" of life in every detail. Each piece is individually handcrafted from stoneware clay and is blended with its maker's rich imaginations. Their love of the human form and ancient mythology infuse their creations with humor, irreverence, and a touch eroticism.

Since combining their talents Kurt and Heidi's artistic relationship has gone through phases of collaboration and rivalry, support and hindrance, success and failure. The couple have very different approaches to the way they create their art. Kurt plans meticulously in minute detail, while Heidi's approach is more spontaneous. But their collective talents and skills produce the most graceful and exquisitely detailed sculptures, which convey characteristics of ancient mythology and hint of the Becker's ironic sense of humour.

They have learned much from each other and have always been each others toughest critics while providing encouragement and inspiration. They work collaboratively on individual sculptures sharing ideas and technique.

"We model from clay whimsical, mischievous miniature sculptures with delight in detail, inspired by myth and humour", says Kurt. "We play with historical and contemporary images such as Pompeii, Dream-time, Ancient Gods, Outer Space, Animals, Modern Life and Dance, and always the human form as a reflection of emotions, relationships, challenges, humour and joy".

Kurt uses the symbology of wings to express the acceptance of our higher nature in the midst of ordinary life. Heidi creates the backgrounds to life's melodrama building walls, wells, temples and theaters. Her symbology of nuts and bolts is a statement about the fragility of wildlife and the harshness of modern city living.

Kurt and Heidi use the powerful symbols of spheres and rings alluding to Plato's belief that "The soul is a circle... no beginning or end". They state that "Every culture has it's dreaming - the collective consciousness. Our water and animal symbols speak of this".

Kurt and Heidi's beautiful works are sculptured in stoneware clay, fired and glazed with some gold leaf application, sometimes utilizing metal supports and glass containers.