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Shirley Marais

Shirley is an internationally recognized painter, sculpture and ceramic artist. Her expressive use of colour and light on rough and smooth surfaces are portrayed in her paintings and sculptures. Her paintings grace the walls of the Prince's Palace in Dubai and Australia wide. Her first love is ceramic art, hand built original copper haired ladies which have found homes internationally namely Dubai, Singapore, South Africa, USA, Greece, New Zealand and Australia.

Shirley has traveled extensively having lived in East and Southern Africa for most of her life and has now made Australia her home, residing on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Taking time to do several courses in sculpture, pottery, water colours, oil, acrylics, stone & wood carving, fabric painting and Japanese air dry clay with various other styles and techniques having received certificates, diplomas and various awards.

She has done private tutoring in the arts and various individuals as well as to disadvantaged people enhancing encouragement and hope. She also financially supports children in Ethiopia, Senegal and India and various Christian Institutions.

She says:- Sculpture and painting is a reflection of life and hope, which is why composers agonize over a score and artists over a canvas believing some glimmer of beauty will emerge from the struggle.

Quote: "Do what you like to do most, if you do that you will be passionate about it and spend ever waking minute doing it. The passion and the time devoted to it will make you the best at it, whatever it is, there is always a demand for the best"