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Comments: 11

Camp Quality

22 Sep 2016 11:28 PM - are coming this weekend
Today  5 Camp Quality families arrived at the Abrolhos Islands.  Each family is getting to spend 3 nights staying in the camps out here with a host family, a host family is a resident on the islands who is either a fisherman or Aquaculturalist.

If you wind back 5 years ago I remember Steve Pawelski - who describes himself as a Yuna boy, farmer and  Camp Quality volunteer was asking me for photos of the Abrolhos Islands so he could approach his head office to try and convince them that it would be fantastic to take the Camp Quality families to the precious Abrolhos Islands and this year about 2 months ago Steve called and said that finally it has been approved. The excitement in his voice was so moving, you can sense the passion he has for this project.

Last night the host family's and camp quality volunteers caught up to get to know each other.  We also heard another Camp Quality volunteer tell us her story which was that she was a sibling of a child with cancer... she explained how she used to feel left out because she wasn't the 'sick kid' and how special it was to actually go on camp together with her brother.  and now as she is older being fully aware of her feelings I could see how she could really understand where these families are coming from and going through.  To see the passion these volunteers have is absolutely admirable.

They were also explaining that statistics say 1 in 3 family's who experience having a child with  illness end in divorce.  So also it made me aware of the extra pressures a family has on them who go through this life changing event, pressures such as spending time apart from loved ones during treatment times as children have to travel from home often to travel to city areas for treatment which can last for up to 18 months. A reminder to us all of how important it is to have family time.

I am hoping that all the guests have a wonderful experience spending time together as a family in these beautiful islands, just to give them a break, to enjoy themselves and reconnect together if that's what they need. Let the sun shine, let the wind blow with fresh air.

For those who haven' t been to the Abrolhos Islands, they are located about 70km off the coast of Geraldton. They are low lying coral atolls with a few simple fishermen shacks.  They are holding the camp at an island part of the Easter Group called Rat Island which has an airstrip which will be handy if anyone needs to get back to town quick.

Once we found out that Camp Quality families were coming we wanted to pretty the camps up a bit. So I thought I'd share the journey we repainted our camps and did some basic touch ups to ensure the camps are more cozy for the guests.  I'm sure they are going to love this break away as a family.
Comments: 11


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23 Sep 2016,9:09 PM - Kylie Pirrottina
Awesome! what an experience, we would love too contribute next time!

Camp Quality at the Abrolhos Islands

23 Sep 2016,9:40 PM - Suzanne Ward
Wow, what a fabulius concept! Accolades to the people that made this happen and those who participate in hosting the families, getting them there and providing a once in a lifetime experience! Well done people!

Camp Quality at the Abrolhos Islands

23 Sep 2016,9:40 PM - Suzanne Ward
Wow, what a fabulius concept! Accolades to the people that made this happen and those who participate in hosting the families, getting them there and providing a once in a lifetime experience! Well done people!


24 Sep 2016,11:27 AM - Kathy Ziatas
The Abrolhos Islands are my favourite place in the world so to see this being made available to families for Camp Quality is very special indeed. Thankyou to all who have achieved this, a very special and inspiring event.

Camp Quality

24 Sep 2016,1:28 PM - Natasha Colliver
Love your work Pia! (and you too Murray x)

Camp Quality

24 Sep 2016,1:43 PM - Leone Marsh
What a wonderful experience for the children and their families. I have only been to the islands once and was so excited I could not sleep. It was the most wonderful experience. The painted houses looked fantastic too. Terrific job. Bless you all.
25 Sep 2016,7:39 AM - David Crothers
Well done Pia and to your team. All the very best with your vision. A great experience for those in need.

Camp Quality

26 Sep 2016,9:19 AM - Judith Foreman
Fantastic Pia I am sure all the families will have a great time . Well done

camp quality

29 Sep 2016,2:30 AM - Yo Haunold
Wow Pia, you are one of the most generous and kind gorgeous girls I had the pleasure to meet. You Murray and Olive made our Camp Quality event a memory we will never forget. It was a magical experience "island" life, thank you to all of you who made it possible. You and everyone involved in the Camp Quality event will hold a special place in my heart forever. My family got to forget about cancer for a few days. We were truly blessed. Steve is an amazing man and I'm glad his dream came true. Once again, thank you to you and all the volunteers.
Yo xx yes I'm up late with Zane!

camp quality

29 Sep 2016,7:45 AM - Pia Boschetti
After this weekend I got more of an insight as to how valuable Camp Quality camps are to families going through cancer related illness. They get to chat with people with an unfortunate similar illness and they get to share their stories with others and their children get to laugh and play all together as a family with new friends. I hope that this organisation continue to raise money and encourage volunteers to help to ensure these camps continue for the families. Giving kids the chance to be kids with other kids.
17 Oct 2016,1:42 AM - Tracy Starling
Love what you did with your camp Pia. Looks great and really love the paint job. Hope the families had a wonderful time at the islands. Being in nature like that is so good for the soul. xx